Your Calling - Fill the Position

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When You Were Called

When you were called to work in this capacity, you were not required to pass any tests nor to furnish any sort of proof that you were qualified. No one quizzed you to find out how much you knew about the gospel, nor inquired about your previous experience or training. Actually, the only requirement made of you was that you were willing to accept the responsibility of the position that you were asked to fill.

Your Father in Heaven accepted you as you are when he called you. He was aware of your weaknesses, your problems, and how much knowledge you had about the gospel. He knew of your capacity to learn and your potential ability.

He knew that with His help that you would be able to fill the position that you were called to, that is, if you would sincerely try. You may have weaknesses, lack of knowledge, lack experience, problems, but you also have: capacity to learn, ability waiting to be developed, our Father in Heaven to help you.

Accept yourself as you are and go about your work with confidence. Seek help from your Father in Heaven through Prayer.