Things Worth While


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Author Unknown

Don't ask, ' Has the world been a friend to me?
But "Have I to the world been true?'
'Tis not what you get, but what you give
That makes life worth while to you

'Tis the kind word said to the little child
As you wiped its tears away
And the smile you brought to some careworn face
That really lights up your day.

'Tis the hand you clasp with an honest grasp
That gives you a hearty thrill,
'Tis the good you pour into other lives
That comes back your own to fill

'Tis the dregs you drain from another's cup
That makes your own seem sweet
And the hours you give to your fellow men
That make your own life complete.

'Tis the burdens you help another bear
That make your own seem light,
'Tis the danger seen for another's feet
That shows you the path to right.

'Tis the good you do each passing day
With a heart that's sincere and true,
For through giving the world your very best
Its best will return to you.