Who Am I?

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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Diane Bills

The question each of us needs to ask ourselves and find the answer to: Who Am I?

In a talk I heard many years ago, a mission president's wife told of a time when she and her husband were presiding over a mission in the Eastern States.

She was given the opportunity to speak to the missionaries at a conference, and she wanted to give them a message that would help them meet their challenges.

She prayed about the assignment, but no idea came. She prayed even more diligently, but still she received no inspiration. As the day approached for the conference, she still didn't know what to speak about.

The day before the conference she began a fast, hoping that some inspiration would come soon. She fasted for many hours and poured https://www.lds.org/ensign/1980/05/self-accountability-and-human-progress?lang=engher heart out in prayer--still no answer.

The day of the conference came. This sister dressed for the conference, praying all the while, with still no idea about what she would say.

The mission president's quarters were upstairs, above the room where the missionaries would congregate. As she and her husband walked toward the steps leading into the room where the missionaries were assembled, with all her heart this humble sister pleaded with Heavenly Father to help her know what he would have her say to the missionaries.

At the moment she and her husband began to descend the steps, a voice spoke clearly to her mind, saying, "Tell them who they are--tell them they are my royal sons and daughters."

This sister walked into the mission conference that day and delivered a powerful message to the missionaries from their Father in Heaven, telling them who they were.

Many of his sons and daughters do not know who they are. Do you see yourself as God sees you? Do you see your potential and what God wants you to become?

Brother Verl Asay, a much-loved seminary teacher at Olympus Junior High School in Salt Lake City, was a kind and gentle man who had been called to be a stake patriarch at the age of thirty-six and had been a patriarch for many years.

One day he was scheduled to address all the seminary classes. He had a reputation as a spiritual giant, and the students were eager to hear him.

That day when Brother Asay walked into the classroom, there were tears in his eyes. "Today, my young friends," he said, "I have had one of the most spiritual experiences of my life. As you came up the steps into the building, the Lord lifted the veil from my eyes and let me see who you are."

A hush came over the students as they felt a sweet spirit in the room. Then came words they would never forget. Brother Asay said, "I felt as though I wanted to bow down before you..."

Tears filled the students' eyes. This man, their leader and their friend, had had the privilege of seeing their spirits--of experiencing their true worth, and he shared it with them.

(Excerpt from the book: Trust in the Lord, by Diane Bills, 1996, p 10-11)