When Pa Comes Home

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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Edgar Guest

When Pa comes home, I'm at the door,
An' then he grabs me off the floor
An' throws me up an' catches me
When I come down, an' then, says he:

“Well, how'd you get along to-day?
An' were you good, an' did you play,
An' keep right out of mamma's way?
An' how'd you get that awful bump
Above your eye ? My, what a lump!

An' who spilled jelly on your shirt?
An' where'd you ever find the dirt
That's on your hands? And my! Oh, my!
I guess those eyes have had a cry,

They look so red. What was it, pray?
What has been happening here to-day?“
An' then he drops” his coat an' hat
Upon a chair, an' says: “What's that ?

Who knocked that engine on its back
An' stepped upon that piece of track ? “
An' then he takes me on his knee
An' says: ” What's this that now I see ?
Whatever can the matter be?

Who strewed those toys upon the floor,
An' left those things behind the door?
Who upset all those parlor chairs
An' threw those blocks upon the stairs?

I guess a cyclone called to-day
While I was workin' far away.
Who was it worried mamma so?
It can't be anyone I know.“

An' then I laugh an' say: “It's me!
Me did most ever'thing you see.
Me got this bump the time me tripped.
An' here is where the jelly slipped

Right off my bread upon my shirt,
An' when me tumbled down it hurt.
That's how me got all over dirt.
Me threw those building blocks downstairs,
An' me upset the parlor chairs,

Coz when you're playin' train you've got
To move things 'round an awful lot.“
An' then my Pa he kisses me
An' bounces me upon his knee

An' says : “Well, well, my little lad,
What glorious fun you must have had! ”