The Wet Pants

wet pants

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He Suddenly Felt Damp

Ajay was a small boy who loved his school and his schoolmates. One day, as he sat at his desk, he suddenly felt damp and realized he had wet his pants! Mortified, Ajay did not know what to do or say as he knew everyone in class would make fun of him for wetting his pants. He sat at his desk praying for any kind of help.

Diksha was carrying water in a jug to water the class plants. As she approached Ajay's desk, she suddenly tripped and dumped the whole contents of the jug onto his lap. Everyone rushed to help Ajay. The teacher reprimanded Diksha and gave Ajay a spare set of shorts. At the end of the day, Ajay met Diksha on the bus. He asked, 'You did that on purpose didn't you?' Diksha replied, 'I've wet my pants before too.'

Moral of The Story

Help others in need.