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Author unknown

I am going to send you down to earth
Said God to me one day.
I'm giving you what men call birth,
Tonight you'll start away;
I want you there to live with men;
Until I call you back again.

I trembled as I heard him speak
Yet I know that I must go.
I felt His hand upon my cheek,
And wished that I might know
Just what on earth would be my task
And timidly I dared to ask.

Tell me before I start away,
What thou would have me do.
What message would you have me say
When shall my work be through?
That I may serve on earth,
Tell me the purpose of my birth.

God smiled at me and softly said
Oh! You shall find your task
I want you on life's path to tread,
So do not stay to ask,
Remember! If your best you do,
That I shall ask no more of you.

How often, as my work I do,
So commonplace and grim,
I sit and sigh and wish I knew
If I am pleasing Him?
I wonder if with every test,
I've truly tried to do my best?