Bundle of Sticks


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Three Neighbors Were Having Trouble With Their Crops...

Three neighbors were having trouble with their crops. All three fields had crops that were wilting and infested with pests. Each day they would try different ideas to help their crops. The first one tried using a scarecrow, the second used pesticides, and the third built a fence on his field, all to no avail.

One day, the village head came by and called all three farmers. He gave them each a stick and asked them to break the sticks. The farmers could break them easily. He then gave them a bundle of three sticks and asked them to break it. This time, the farmers struggled to break the sticks. The village head said, 'Together you are stronger than when you work alone'. The farmers pooled their resources and got rid of the pests in their fields.

Moral of The Story

There is strength in unity.