Richard G. Scott - BYU Devotional


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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Personal experience shared in BYU Devotional March 3, 1996:

"In college I was given the privilege of joining a very elect honorary engineering society. As I attended the initiatory activities, everyone was drinking.  I asked for a soft drink and was handed a glass.  As I raised it to my lips, I could smell alcohol.

"I looked around the room.  All the eyes were on me.  These were professionals who had just given me a great honor.  Should I pretend to drink so as not to offend?  No.  I sat the glass down and then noticed that three other inductees also sat their glasses aside.

"Do what is right and others will follow your example.  Every time you make the right choice in the face of potential criticism, you build strength that makes it easier the next time.

"The reverse is also true. Satan counts on that."