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Quotes About Not Studying On The Sabbath

"The Lord's Day"

"I would counsel all students, if they can, to arrange their schedules so that they do not study on the Sabbath. If students and other seekers after truth will do this, their minds will be quickened and the infinite Spirit will lead them to the verities they wish to learn. This is because God has hallowed his day and blessed it as a perpetual covenant of faithfulness."               

James E. Faust: (Ensign,  November 1991, p. 33-35) (See Ex. 31:16.)

"Students should study their school subjects during the week and keep the Sabbath sacred."

KEEPING THE SABBATH DAY HOLY,  by Ezra Taft Benson,    Ensign,  May, 1971  p. 4

"For those who do homework on Sunday, the Sabbath has simply become a playground for procrastinators."

Neal A. Maxwell

A seminary teacher sent the following e-mail to the Seminary list:

When Elder Eyring came to our home for a stake conference in '92 I remember him telling our high school children that at Harvard he was very involved in Church callings and did not study on the Sabbath.  At that dinner table setting he promised that they would be blessed, as he had been, by observing the Sabbath.  He went on to recount how he was among and competing with others who were far more gifted academically, but he knew he had been blessed.

Marion Johnstun

"You want very much to pass your courses, don't you?  If you will work hard on your studies during the week, live the principles of the gospel and attend to your Church duties on Sunday, I promise you that you will graduate from university.  And what is more important, I promise you that you will be a better and happier person than if you don't attend Church."

President N. Eldon Tanner

"I hope students will use the Sabbath for studying only as an emergency. … I believe that generally, with careful organization of time through the week, most studying can be done on weekdays, leaving the Sabbath for worship. … There might be times when one would feel forced to study, when he might feel that it was an ox in the mire.  I am expressing only my personal opinions on this matter, but since we are talking to students, it would be my hope that your studying could be done in the season thereof and not as a cramming process just before you go on Monday mornings".

(Teachings of Spencer W. Kimball, 227, 229) "Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy", by Elder Earl C. Tingey, Ensign, Feb. 2000, p. 48-55