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BYU Fireside on February 3, 1985.

There is the story of two neighboring farmers--one a habitual Sabbath breaker, and the other a faithful observer of the Lord's day.  On one occasion the Sabbath observer severely chastised his neighbor for working his farm on Sundays rather than attending to his religious devotions.

This led to an argument and a challenge.  "Let us put the matter to a test," the Sabbath breaker said.  "We will select two pieces of ground of equal size and fertility.  On them we will plant the same crop.  My piece of ground I will work only on Sundays, and you will work yours on the other days of the week.  Then we will see who gets the greater harvest."

The challenge was accepted and the conditions were faithfully observed.  As the harvest was gathered in, the sabbath-observing farmer was disappointed to learn that the piece of ground farmed by his neighbor had produced the greater yield.  The Sabbath breaker exulted in his apparent triumph and his discrediting of the contention of his faithful neighbor.

"You have forgotten one important thing," protested the Sabbath observer.  "The Lord doesn't always settle his accounts in October."

This short story was shared by Elder Dean L. Larsen