The Road is Rough

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Poem Taken From Harold B. Lee's Talk

The road is rough, I said, dear Lord, 
There's stones that hurt me so; 
And he said, dear child, I understand, 
I walked it long ago... 

But there is a cool green path, I said, 
Let me walk three for a time; 
No child, He gently answered me, 
The green road does not climb.

My burden, I said, is far too great, 
How can I bear it so? 
My child, said he, I remember it's weight, 
I carried my cross you know. 

But I said I wish there were friends with
who would make my way their own,
Oh yes, he said, Gethsemene
was hard to face alone.

And so I walked that stoney path 
Content to know, 
That where my master had not gone, 
I would not need to go...

And strangely then I found my friends, 
The burden grew less sore, 
As I remembered long ago, that He had 
Walked that way before.....