Put First Things First


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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Walnuts and Rice Analogy

A non-member friend made this for me at their church's craft night and I have been using it on the first day of seminary ever since:

A quart jar with a fabric and lace lid, filled with walnuts and rice, with the following sentiment (laminated, cute border on the edges) tied with a ribbon (partially glue-gunned onto the rim, all the way around) to the lid: (in pretty script, about a 12-14 font, paper about 5" square)

This jar contains 20 walnuts and 2 cups of rice.

The walnuts represent the things God would have us to do and the rice represents the fun things that we like to do.

If you pour the rice into the jar first, the walnuts will never fit. If you put the walnuts in the jar first, the rice poured over and around the nuts fit just fine.

The lesson of course, is if we put time with God and for God before time for other things we want to do, we'll have plenty of time for both.

If, however, we put the things we want to do first, we'll never fit time for God into our life. (seminary, reading the scriptures, etc.)

From Kate Crane 
Early Morning Seminary Teacher -  Gaithersburg, MD