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Brigham Young once said, “Every trial and experience you have passed through is necessary for your salvation” (JD 8:150).

Gene R. Cook - "The Love of God: Suffering Tribulation in the Redeemer's Name" - BYU Devotional

"At times we will learn first and be tried later; at other times the Lord will try us first and then teach us from the trials. But in spite of the sequence, I pray that we will move forward with faith in and love for the Lord—even while not knowing beforehand what lies ahead. Later in life we’ll be able to look back on the what of our lives and understand the why. If we have been true and faithful, these backward glances will reveal to us a clear path of progress toward perfection guided by an all-wise, patient, and loving Heavenly Father."

"Knowing, Doing, and Being" - July 25, 2006 BYU Devotional

"The enlarging of the soul requires not only some remodeling, but some excavating."

Neal A. Maxwell  (April 1990 Gen. Conf. "Endure it Well")

"With celestial sight, trials impossible to change become possible to endure."

Russell M. Nelson  (April 1988 Gen. Conf. "With God Nothing Shall be Impossible)

"Let us learn to appreciate there will be times when the trees will be bare, and look forward to the time when we may pick the fruit."

 Peter Seller

"In sickness, with its attendant pain, patience is required.  If the only perfect man who ever lived—even Jesus of Nazareth—was called upon to endure great suffering, how can we, who are less than perfect, expect to be free of such challenges?"

Thomas S. Monson  "Patience—A Heavenly Virtue,"  Oct. 1995 Gen. Conf.

"Things we cannot solve, we must survive."

Boyd K. Packer (Oct. 1987 Gen. Conf. "Balm of Gilead)

"Adversity itself may lead toward and not away from God and spiritual enlightenment; and privation may prove a source of strength if we can but keep a sweetness of mind and spirit."

David O. McKay

"The brook would lose its song if the rocks were removed."

"Christ and His angels and prophets forever labor to buoy up our spirits, steady our nerves, calm our hearts, and send us forth with renewed strength and resolute hope.  They wish all to know that 'if God be for us, who can be against us?'  In the world we shall have tribulation, but we are to be of good cheer."

"The Peaceable Things of the Kingdom," Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, Oct. 1996 Gen. Conf.

"Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents which, under prosperous conditions, may have remained dormant."


"No one wants adversity. Trials, disappointments, sadness, and heartache come to us from two basically different sources. Those who transgress the laws of God will always have those challenges. The other reason for adversity is to accomplish the Lord's own purposes in our life that we may receive the refinement that comes from testing. It is vitally important for each of us to identify from which of these two sources come our trials and challenges, for the corrective action is very different."

Richard G. Scott, Oct. 1995 Gen. Conf.

"He who limps is also walking."

"From my own experience with life's hardships I have learned that faith in God develops a personal love for Him which is reciprocated through his blessings to us in times of need. To my daughter and to all others who are meeting new or challenging times, I say: Do not fear the challenges of life, but approach them patiently, with faith in God. He will reward your faith with power not only to endure, but also to overcome hardships, disappointments, trials, and struggles of daily living. Through diligently striving to live the law of God and with faith in Him, we will not be diverted from our eternal course either by the ways or the praise of the world."

Rex D. Pinegar  "Faith—The Force of Life," Oct. 1982 Gen. Conf.

"Each difficult moment has the potential to open my eyes and open my heart. "

Myla Kabat-Zinn

"Mortality presents us with numerous opportunities to become more Christlike:  first, by coping successfully with those of life's challenges which are "common to man[kind]" (1 Cor. 10:13).  In addition, there are also our customized trials such as experiencing illness, aloneness, persecution, betrayal, irony, poverty, false witness, unreciprocated love, etc.  If endured well now, 'all these things' can be for our good and can 'greatly enlarge the soul,' including an enlarged capacity for joy (D&C 122:7; 121:42).  Meek suffering often does the excavating necessary for that enlarging! "

Neal A. Maxwell, Oct. 1997 Gen. Conf.

"Many of our problems are blessings in disguise."

O. Leslie Stone, "Love and Forgive One Another," Jan. 1974 Ensign

"Despite trials, worldly confusion, and caustic voices, we can trust in the Lord and go forward with happy hearts, knowing that with every challenge or problem, there's the strength to go on.  Why? Because we know His promises are real, that He does know us by name and has a plan for each of us. He will help us learn what it is and give us joy in doing it."

Elaine L. Jack  "Charity Never Faileth,"  April 1992

"We should learn, by reflection on the misfortunes of others, that there is nothing singular in those which befall ourselves."

Thomas Fitzosborne

"Adaptability cushions the impact of change or disappointment."

Marvin J. Ashton, "Who's Losing?" April 1974 Gen. Conf.

"The winds of tribulation, which blow out some men's candles of commitment, only fan the fires of faith of [others]"

Neal A. Maxwell, "Why Not Now?"  Oct. 1974 Gen. Conf.

"A smooth sea never made a skilled mariner."

English proverb

"Everyone will be tempered and tried. The sun will rise on the evil as well as the good, and the rains will descend on the just as well as the unjust. (Matthew 5:45) But a life built on a firm foundation will endure."

Jeffrey R. Holland  "However Long and Hard the Road," [Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Co., 1985],  p. 24

"Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional."

Roger Crawford

"Life is a series of experience, each of which makes us bigger even though it is hard to realize this.  For the world was built to develop character, and we must learn that the setbacks and griefs which we endure help us in our marching onward."

Henry Ford

"The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials."

Chinese proverb

"When we face seemingly insurmountable obstacles in the fulfillment of righteous responsibilities, we should remember that when we are involved in the work of the Lord, the obstacles before us are never as great as the power behind us. We should reach out and climb. Handholds will only be found by hands that are outstretched. Footholds are only for feet that are on the move."

Dallin H. Oaks - "Reach Out and Climb!" - Aug. 1985 New Era

"Often we do not know what we can endure until after a trial of our faith."

Elder Robert D. Hales - April 1998 Gen. Conf. 

"Everyone has something they must learn to master.  Some are just more obvious than others."

Elder Robert D. Hales - April 1998 Gen. Conf.

"When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us."

Helen Keller

"Righteousness has never precluded adversity."

M. Russell Ballard - "The Joy of Hope Fulfilled" - Oct. 1992 Gen. Conf.

"In the gospel of Jesus Christ you have help from both sides of the veil and you must never forget that.  When disappointment and discouragement strike--and they will--you remember and never forget that if our eyes could be opened we would see horses and chariots of fire as far as the eye can see riding at reckless speed to come to our protection  (see 2 Kgs. 6:16- 17).  They will always be there, these armies of heaven, in defense of Abraham's seed."

Jeffrey R. Holland - "For Times of Trouble" - Oct. 1980 New Era

"When the Lord instills hope and faith and peace and assurance in people, they can bring great things to pass. This, then, is often what we should look for when we ask for help—not a miracle to solve our problem for us, but a miracle inside, to help us come to the solution ourselves, with the Lord's help and the Lord's power." 

Gene R. Cook, "Receiving Answers to Our Prayers"  [Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Co., 1996], p. 156 - 157

"I know that the consequences of the 'furnace of affliction' bring eternal blessings."

Elder Dallin H. Oaks - July 1998 Ensign - "Adversity"

"Heartache and Sorrow are not forever-----but Love and Memories are."

"The difficulties, hardships and trials of life, the obstacles one encounters on the road to fortune are positive blessings.  They knit the muscles more firmly, and teach self-reliance.  Peril is the element in which power is developed."

W. Mathews

"Even if you cannot always see that silver lining on your clouds, God can, for He is the very source of the light you seek."

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland - Oct. 1999 Gen. Conf.

"Like the Savior, we will all have our Gethsemane. And although the road may be rough at times, if we will hold fast to the rod of iron, spoken of by Lehi, it will lead us through the mist of darkness. If we will not be dissuaded by the mocking voices of the world or lose our way and fall into the river or wander in strange roads, we will pass the challenging test of life that Abraham foresaw. "All the effort and struggle and sorrow will be well worth it, for we will earn the greatest of all gifts, the gift of eternal life." 

Henry D. Taylor - "A Time of Testing" - Dec. 1971 Ensign  

"Trials, temptations, disappointments -- all these are helps instead of hindrances, if one uses them rightly. They not only test the fibre of a character, but strengthen it. Every conquered temptation represents a new fund of moral energy. Every trial endured and weathered in the right spirit makes a soul nobler and stronger than it was before."

James Buckham

"Being human, we would expel from our lives physical pain and mental anguish and assure ourselves of continual ease and comfort, but if we were to close the doors upon sorrow and distress, we might be excluding our greatest friends and benefactors. Suffering can make saints of people as they learn patience, long-suffering, and self-mastery."

Spencer W. Kimball, Faith Precedes the Miracle, 1972

"Regarding trials, including of our faith and patience, there are no exemptions-only variations."

Neal A. Maxwell, Ensign - "Encircled in the Arms of His Love" - Oct. 2002 Gen. Conf.

"Why worry about future calamities or uncertainties over which you have no control? Your righteous character magnifies the probability that you will never have to suffer them. When challenges and testing do come, your faith will lead you to solutions. Your peace of mind, your assurance of answers to vexing problems, your ultimate joy depend upon your trust in Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. Right will ultimately prevail. It will yield blessings now as you in faith obey the commandments of God. Remember an unfailing, continual, ever-present source of peace and comfort is available to you. It is the certainty that your Father in Heaven loves you no matter what your circumstance, no matter what winds of trial, turmoil, or tribulation whirl about you. That certainty will never change. Your ability to access that support depends on the strength of your faith in Him and in His certain willingness to bless you." 

Richard G. Scott - April 2003 Gen. Conf.

"In the school of mortality, the tutor is often pain and tribulation, but the lessons are meant to refine and bless us and strengthen us, not to destroy us."

Robert D. Hales - April 2003 Gen. Conf.

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