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"If God deprives his children of any present blessing, it is so that he may bestow upon them a greater and more glorious one by and by."

George Q. Cannon

"...all things wherewith you have been afflicted shall work together for your good."

D&C 98:3

"Hardships can deprive mortals of the power to ACT.  But at the same time, hardships can be the means of eternal growth in ATTITUDE and DESIRE.  If endured with the right attitude and accompanied by righteous desires, suffering and deprivation can be the agency of great growth in our spirits."

Dallin H. Oaks

"God many times answers our prayers not by bringing down His will to ours;  but lifting us up to Himself.  We grow strong; so as to need no longer cry for relief. We can bear the heavy load without asking to have it lightened.  We can keep the sorrow now and endure it. We can go on in quiet peace without the new blessing which we thought so necessary. We have not been saved from the battle we shrank so from entering; but we have sought and have gained the victory. Is not victoriousness in conflict better than being freed from the struggle? Is not peace in the midst of the storm and the strife better than to be lifted together over the strife?"

J.R. Miller

"All god's testings have a purpose, 
someday you will see the light. 
But for now just put your trust in him: 
Walk by faith, not by sight."

"Giving is the secret of a healthy life...not necessarily money, but whatever a man has of encouragement and sympathy and understanding."

John D. Rockefeller

"If people spent as much time praying as they do grumbling, they would soon have nothing to grumble about."

"Go gladden the lonely, the dreary; 
Go comfort the weeping, the weary; 
Go scatter kind deeds on your way. 
Oh, make the world brighter today!" 

Mrs. Frank A. Breck

"Don't try to live too many days at a time."

Harold B. Lee

"Forgiveness takes the burden of hate, guilt, and bitterness off your back and, with a lighter load, you can climb higher and faster, and be much happier in the process."

Zig Ziglar

"Physically fit people are more intellectually inclined, emotionally stable, composed, self-confident, easy-going and relaxed."

A. H. Ismail, Purdue University

"We all have sufficient strength to endure the misfortunes of OTHERS!"


"Failure is an event, not a person."

"Failure itself can be a success if 3 questions are answered:

(1)  What happened? 
(2)  What caused it? 
(3)  What can I learn from this experience?

H. Stephen Glenn, Speaker and Youth Advocate

"For every worry under the sun, 
There is a remedy or there is none. 
If there be one, hurry and find it. 
If there be none, then never mind it."

Quoted by LeGrand Richards

"Life is like an ice cream cone, 
you have to lick it one day at a time."

Charlie Brown 

"DOING beats stewing!"

"If you think you are beaten--you are. 
If you think that you dare not--you don't. 
If you'd like to win, but fear you can't 
It's fifty to one you won't."

"Many of the great achievements of the world were accomplished by tired and discouraged men who kept on working."

"Don't ask the Lord to guide your footsteps unless you are willing to move your feet."

“You that have not passed through the trials, and persecutions, and drivings, with this people, from the beginning, but have only read of them, or heard some of them related, may think how awful they were to endure, and wonder that the Saints survived them at all.  The thought of it makes your hearts sink within you, your brains reel, and your bodies tremble, and you are ready to exclaim,  ‘I could not have endured it.’

"I have  been in the heat of it, and I never felt better in all my life; I never felt the peace and power of the Almighty more copiously poured upon me than in the keenest part of our trials.  They appeared (as) nothing to me.”

Brigham Young - J.D. 1:313 - Quoted in BYU Speeches, 1994-95, p. 120

President George Albert Smith, shared the following counsel from his grandfather:

“There is a line of demarcation well defined between the Lord’s territory and the devil’s territory. If you will stay on the Lord’s side of the line you will be under His influence and will have no desire to do wrong; but if you cross to the devil’s side of that line one inch, you are in the tempter’s power and if he is successful, you will not be able to think or even reason properly because you will have lost the Spirit of the Lord.”

"Stay on the Lord's Side of the Line" - Teachings of the Presidents of the Church: George Albert Smith, Chapter 18.

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