So-Called Private Choices

choices matter

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James E. Faust

"First, adults need to understand, and our children should be taught, that private choices are not private; they all have public consequences.

"There is a popular notion that doing our own thing or doing what feels good is our own business and affects no one but us. The deadly scourges that are epidemic all over the world have flourished in the context of this popular notion. But this is simply not true.

"All immoral behavior directly impacts society.  Even innocent people are affected.  Drug and alcohol abuse have public consequences, as do illegitimacy, pornography, and obscenity. The public cost in human life and tax dollars for these so-called private choices is enormous: poverty, crime, a less-educated work force, and mounting demands for government spending to fix problems that cannot be fixed by money. 

It simply is not true that our private conduct is our own business.  Our society is the sum total of what millions of individuals do in their private lives.  That sum total of private behavior has worldwide public  consequences of enormous magnitude.  There are no completely private choices."

(Excerpt from James E. Faust, "Will I Be Happy", CR, April 1987) 

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