Ways to Praise

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The Spoken Word

Throughout the scriptures we are encouraged to praise God. The arts, for example, are filled with works which celebrate His goodness and his glory.

In countless paintings, songs, poems, and sculptures we experience how artists pay tribute to the Creator and inspire in us feelings of reverence and gratitude.

But are there other ways to show our love for God?

We may not have the artistic gifts of a Michelangelo or a da Vinci, but we can praise God through simple actions and daily choices.

When we help those in need, we follow Christ's example and honor his teachings.

When we give time to our family members—even after we've had a hard day—we learn the rewards of sacrifice and better appreciate the Savior's infinite and eternal sacrifice.

When we take time to assist others with a difficult task—even if it is only to open the door for them—we praise God's example and His teaching of love.

When we hold our tongue and show forth love to an enemy, we praise our Maker and become more like Him.

When we fall to our knees in thankful prayer, this, too, is praise.

We can praise God simply by keeping an orderly home, being kind to our neighbors, and by honoring the earth and His creations.

We can sing His praises in our hearts as we notice and admire a majestic mountain, a beautiful sunset, or a precious baby.

All around us we see evidence of His great love for us and countless reasons to marvel at the blessing of life itself.

In Hebrew, halal means "to praise," and hallelujah means "praise to Jehovah." David of old filled the Psalms with Asongs of praise" and concluded with this beautiful advice:

"Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord."

Given by Lloyd D. Newell February 8, 1998