Thoughts on Being Positive vs. Negative

stay positive

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Happy People are in Demand

Would you rather be around a cheerful positive person or a fault-finder?

Happy people are in demand.

The Lord wants you to be positive and happy; Satan wants you to be negative and miserable; You cast the deciding vote.

If you're not heaven to be around, then you're not heaven-bound.

Your attitude is contagious——Is yours worth catching?

No one ever injured his eyesight looking on the bright side of things!

The Effect of a Thought

Whenever you cultivate a thought,
Remember it will trace
With certain touch in pictured form
A story on your face.

Whenever you dwell upon a thought,
Remember it will roll
Into your being and become
A fiber of your soul.

Whenever you send out a thought,
Remember it will be
A force throughout the universe
For all eternity.

Author Unknown

Speak well of others—if you speak of them at all.

He who slings mud usually loses ground.

Count the cost before you do or say something.

We have the truth and knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ—-WE SHOULD BE THE HAPPIEST PEOPLE ON EARTH.

CHALLENGES: Look for the good in others, yourself, & in life. Banish negative thoughts (about yourself, others, etc.) as soon as they pop into your mind. Go 24-hours without criticizing anyone!