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A Poem Begins in Delight and Ends in Wisdom
(Robert Frost)

A Name in the Sand

A Vow

Answering Him - by Edgar Guest

Building the Bridge for Him

By Example

Courage - by Edgar Guest

Day-Old Child


Even This Shall Pass Away

Gentle Gardener

Good Timber

Helping Hands

If I Knew

I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go

It Shows in your Face

"Keep Going" - (Don't Quit) - Edgar Guest

"Leaning and Lifting"

"My Neighbor's Roses" / "My Neighbor's Reply"

"My Life Shall Touch..." (quoted by Vaughn J. Featherstone)


Pretty Good

Prosperity Poems

"Roses of Life"

Stick To Your Task


The Cold Within

The Dash

The Junk Box - by Edgar Guest

The Lord's Job

The Man in the Glass

"The Neighborly Man"

"The Price of Riches"

"The Race - Get Up and Win that Race"

"The Rose"

"The Size of Your Heart"

The Torchbearer

The Touch of the Master's Hand

The World We Make

Things Worth While

Tomorrow - by Edgar Guest

Tomorrow Never Comes

What Have We Done Today

What Would Jesus Do? 


You'll Do It - Edgar Guest

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