A Poem About Life

Sun Smile

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Author Unknown

If you take whatever life may hand you
and from it try to fashion something good
If you know others may not understand you,
but you keep right on doing what you should

If you watch a friend go off without you
And know that you can take such things in stride
If you are wronged and still can be forgiving
Believing it is better to forget
If you think there is too much joy in living
To waste your time on anger and regret

If you accept a failure and not mind it
But stop to learn the lesson it can teach
If you resist temptation when you find it
Remembering the goal you want to reach

If you can hold your own when you're not winning
And you know you can achieve the things you plan
If you can proudly make a new beginning
And never lose your faith in God and man

You'll find success is waiting if you're willing,
That happiness is there for all who try—
Your life will be rewarding and fullfilling,
And nothing good will ever pass you by.