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Parables, Analogies and Stories that Teach

3 Bananas in the Morning - Parable about Life Lessons

A Box Full of Kisses - Parable about Love

A Pond Full of Milk - Parable about Lazziness

Are You an Eagle or a Hog?

Attitude is Everything

Baptism Analogy (Using Magnets)

Barbers Do Not Exist

Beautiful Gift - Parable about Blessings

Blurred Vision - Dirty Windows Parable

Book of Mormon Parable - Parable about Life Lessons

Can You Hear the Music

Cast Your Bread

Changing The World

Creative Thinking - Parable about Learning

Decide To Decide

Don't Count Your Chickens Before They are Hatched

Don't We All

Eyes of My Father

Gospel Perspective Analogy - Carlos E. Asay

Grandma's Cake - Parable about Trials

Growing Award Winning Corn

Lance Wickman shares a military experience  (Parable about Digging Foxholes)

Let's All Finish This Together

Paid in Full

Parable of the Keys - Michael Wilcox

Parable of the Rose and the Thorns - Ralph Gardiner

Parable of the Lowly Brown Caterpillar

Put the Rock Down

Putting on the whole armor of God  (teaching idea)

Quick Decisions - Parable about the Fish and the Dynamite

So-Called Private Choices

Spiritual Eclipse (Analogy by Gary L. Stevenson)

Taking Medicine and the Holy Ghost Parable

The Art Collector and His Son - Parable of Priorities

The Best Christmas Eve

The Bucket and the Dipper

The Butterfly and the Cocoon - Parable about Challenges

The Choice

The Drug Store - Parable about Kindness

The Eagle and the Wolf

The Earrings (Parable by Viktor Makarov)

The Fence - Parable about Anger Managment

The Frog in a Milk Pail

The Frog in Need of Water - Parable about Accepting Help

The Gardener and the Currant Bush - Hugh B. Brown

The Gardener and the Currant Bush - Hugh B. Brown (Video of the Story)

The King and His Shoe

The Music of the Bells

The Old Woman and the Precious Stone

The Parable of Club 99

The Parable of Sand and Stone

The Parable of the Ant and the Dove

The Parable of the Builder

The Parable of the Cracked Pot

The Parable of the Crystal Ball

The Parable of the Echo

The Parable of the Farmer and the Stork

The Parable of the Forgiving Landlord

The Parable of the Four Wives

The Parable of the Golden Gate Bridge

The Parable of the Last Horseman

The Parable of the Light Bulb

The Parable of the One Armed Judo Master

The Parable of the Pear Tree

The Parable of the Personal Angel

The Parable of the Prayers

The Parable of the Praying Teacher

The Parable of the Pencil

The Parable of the Rose Within

The Parable of the Smallest Puppy

The Parable of the Starfish

The Parable of the Three Cows

The Parable of the Three Old Men

The Parable of the Tortoise and the Hare

The Parable of the Value of Love

The Parable of the Wisest King

The Parable of the Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

The Parable of the Wooden Bowl

The Path I Follow - Leo Tolstoy

The Rich Family in Our Church

The Salesman

The Sense of a Goose - Parable about Teamwork

The Teachings of Jesus (link to Come Unto Christ site)

The Treasure  (Parable of A Little Girl and A Pearl Necklace)

The Trouble Tree - Parable about Worries

The Unhappy Pig - Parable about Love

The Obstacle In Our Path - Parble about Work

The Window

Time Management

To Fool a Wiseman - Parable about Wisdom

Tragedy at Rayad (Great Teaching Parable by Ardeth G. Kapp)

Where Will This Lead?

Which Wolf Will You Choose? - Parable about Choice and Agency

Who is the Rich Man?

Wrong Roads and Revelation

"You'll Grow Into It" - Joseph B. Wirthlin experience