Using Thought Packets:

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How I Use These Thought Packets:

In today's world, our families are exposed to so much that is negative each day that tends to pull us down.   So I like to collect positive and helpful thoughts and quotes and print them up as large as I can that will fit on one piece of paper and post one on the refrigerator or somewhere each day.

It is my belief and hope that reading even one good thought a day to ponder and work on can help make our lives better and counteract the evil we are exposed to around us. It provides a 30-second mini-lesson.

Once you've gone to the work to make up these quote packets, you can photocopy a packet and give it as a gift to help busy neighbors, friends, families you home and visit teach, relatives, etc.  

I include a master list of all the quotes in that packet (in roughly alphabetical order) to help them locate a certain quote for a future lesson or need. 

On the back of each quote, I number them:  1-1, 1-2, 1-3, etc., (for packet #1); 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, etc. (for packet #2) for ease in refiling them in alphabetical order.  

You can prepare a bunch of each packet ahead of time---then you always have a quick and ready gift.  You can prepare them in July for Christmas!!

Since we all tend to get "blind" to something we see every day in the same location, you can vary the papers by using different fonts, colors, pictures, borders, etc. to make them them more eye-catching and noticeable.e

Also, you can e-mail "A thought for today" to family and friends each day.

I also include these three pages at the front of each packet:

Thoughts on Thoughts

The Words

Stephen Covey Story on Thoughts