Not One Soul Was Missing

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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

The Whole Congregation Rejoiced...

“Elder [Melvin J.] Ballard sat at our baptismal font one Saturday while nearly a thousand baptisms were being performed for the dead. As he sat there, he contemplated on how great the temple ceremonies were, and how we are bringing special blessings to the livingand the dead. His thoughts turned to the spirit world, and he wondered if the people therewould accept the work we were doing for them.

Brother Ballard said:

“All at once a vision opened to me, and I beheld a great congregation of people gathered inthe east end of the font room. One by one, as each name was baptized for, one of these people climbed a stairway over the font to the west end of the room. Not one soul was missing, but there was a person for every one of the thousand names done that day.”

“Brother Ballard said that he had never seen such happy people in all his life, and the whole congregation rejoiced at what was being done for them.

- Nolan Porter Olsen, “A Baptism Manifestation”, Logan Temple: The First 100 Years, 1978, pp. 168-169.

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