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a good name

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Edgar A. Guest

You got it from your father, 
'twas the best he had to give. 
And right gladly he bestowed it. 
It's yours, the while you live. 

You may lose the watch he gave you 
and another you may claim. 
But remember, when you're tempted, 
to be careful of his name. 

It was fair the day you got it, 
and a worthy name to bear. 
When he took it from his father, 
there was no dishonor there. 

Through the years he proudly wore it, 
to his father he was true, 
And that name was clean and spotless 
when he passed it on to you. 

Oh, there's much that he has given 
that he values not at all. 
He has watched you break your playthings 
in the days when you were small. 

You have lost the knife he gave you 
and you've scattered many a game, 
But you'll never hurt your father 
if you're careful with his name. 

It is yours to wear forever, 
yours to wear the while you live, 
Yours, perhaps, some distant morning, 
another boy to give. 

And you'll smile as did your father 
with a smile that all can share. 
If a clean name and a good name 
you are giving him to wear.