Taking Medicine

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Kelly Kaye Terrano

My brother tells a parable at baptisms when he speaks on the Holy Ghost as Comforter. 

One day my niece had to take her medicine and it was so nasty.  She fought and screamed and refused to take it.  (She was 5 years old.) 

Casey took her on his lap and said,  "Krista, I know you don't want to take this medicine and that it tastes bad and makes you feel worse for a while, but you must take it. 

You're too young to understand just why it is important for you to do this, but trust your uncle that it is something you must do.

I'll hold you on my lap and hug you and comfort you while you take it, but take it you must."

And she did hold still and take the medicine, even though she cried and hated every second of it.

This is much like the Holy Ghost as Comforter.  We are too "young" to know why we have to go through some terrible times but the Holy Ghost can be just like Krista's uncle and give us peace and quiet our fears while we endure. 

Kelly Kaye Terrano 
Used by permission

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