Dr. Maeser Experience


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Shared by Boyd K. Packer

Dr. Maeser's Experience

It is not an easy thing to be amenable always to priesthood authority. I recite the experience of the founder of Brigham Young University, Dr. Karl G. Maeser. He had been the headmaster of a school in Dresden, Germany—a man of distinction, a man of high station.

In 1856, Brother Maeser and his wife and small son, together with a Brother Schoenfeld and several other converts, left Germany bound for Zion.

When they arrived in England Brother Maeser was surprised to be called on a mission in England. Much to their disappointment the families were separated and the Schoenfelds continued on to America.

While the Maesers remained in England to fill the call from the Church Authorities, the proud professor was often required to perform menial tasks to which in his former station he had never stooped.

It was customary among the higher German people that a man of Brother Maeser's standing never should be seen on the street carrying packages, but when the elders were going to the train they told him to bring their luggage.

Brother Maeser paced the floor of his room, his pride deeply hurt. The idea of carrying the suitcases was almost more than he could stand and his wife was also deeply hurt and upset to think that he had to do so.

Finally he said, "Well, they hold the priesthood; they have told me to go, and I will go." He surrendered his pride and carried the bags.

Boyd K. Packer, "Follow the Brethren," Tambuli, Sept. 1979, 53"