The Lost Key Angel

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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

And There Were His Keys!

I went to bring my daughter to tumbling after school, but couldn't find my car keys anywhere. Luckily my husband was home and so I was able to use his spare key temporarily, but I knew that I would need to find mine when I got back.

When I returned I said a prayer that I would find them. The whole family joined in the search but with no success. I was getting nervous because the key fob costs about $200.00 to replace. I checked all of the usual places several times.

A few hours later I decided to try again and said another prayer mentioning the cost of replacement and even threw in a reminder of how I had paid extra tithing all last year. 😂 I explained that I would really love to find my keys and we could really use this little tender mercy right now! Anyway, after dinner I thought that maybe I should check the garbage can.

Although, why in the world would they be there, right? I took out a garbage bag and started pulling out the garbage piece by piece, putting it in the bag. I had gone through the entire day's garbage and was moving on to the garbage from the day before.

I was about to give up when I saw a round black thing. I pulled it out and sure enough, there were my keys near the bottom of the garbage can! I was so grateful!! I gave several “thank you” prayers expressing gratitude at God's tender mercies! If I hadn't received an impression to check there the keys would have been thrown away and lost forever!

My husband joked that there was probably an angel in heaven whose sole responsibility was to help people find their lost keys — in fact maybe there was one specifically assigned to our big family, ha ha! He then shared his own miracle experience of when he had lost his keys at Tuacahn. He had been in the costume room getting a costume together for a seminary assignment.

He was nervous because he was in a hurry and only had ten minutes before he had to get to his assignment. He knelt down and said a prayer asking for help to find his keys immediately so that he could get to his appointment on time. He then looked over and there was a basket of boots. He reached into one of the boots and there were his keys!

Story by Wendy J.