Little Fellow

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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Edgar Albert Guest

OH, you laughing little fellow, with your eyes agleam with fun,
And your golden curls a-mockin' all the splendor of the sun,
With your cheeks a wee bit redder than the petals of the rose,
You don't know just what you mean to your daddy, I suppose.

With your rompin' and your shoutin' an' your laughin' through the day,
You've no care of what's before you, what lies yonder down the way;
Why, your little brain is whirlin' with the gladness of the earth,
An' of course you have no notion of how much to me you're worth.

Jes' keep laughin', little fellow, keep those eyes agleam with fun,
Jes' keep rompin' in the meadows an' a-dancin' in the sun,
For the bloom of health upon you is the thing I want to see,
Coz, you bright-eyed little fellow, you are all the world to me.