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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

I Love to See the Prophet

I love to see the prophet.
He always seems to be
So unafraid and happy,
A source of strength for me.
I love to hear the prophet
Reveal both truth and light.
The Holy Ghost bears witness
That what he says is right.

He shows me by example
The things I need to do
So I can make wise choices
And know the Church is true.
I know the prophet loves me.
He wants me to be good
So I can live the gospel

As Jesus says we should.
The truths the prophet teaches
Will help me to obey
My parents and my leaders,
Who guide me on my way.
I’ll heed the prophet’s counsel
And do my best to show,
In thought and word and action,
I live by what I know.

Marney Hilton Zambrano