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General Resources

Joseph Smith Helping Needy

Mr. Law Shooting at the Prophet (shared by Robert H. Daines)

Sacred Grove / Sacred Temple PDF


Scriptures about Joseph Smith

Additional Articles The Testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith Joseph Smith - Prophet of God

Church Magazine articles about Joseph Smith

Testimony of Susan Easton Black, Mormon Scholar

"Unmasking Faces of Faith from the past" (Deseret News)

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Joseph Smith's First Vision

Joseph Smith's Sincere Prayer

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BYU Speeches

"But for Joseph" -  Katherine D. Pullins

Joseph Smith Lectures - BYU Hawaii

"Joseph Smith and the Problem of Evil" - BYU forum address

"Stand by My Servant Joseph" - Heidi S. Swinton - BYU Women's Conf.

"Joseph Smith as Viewed by Converts", Elder Gary J. Coleman

Ensign Articles

“A Prophet for the Fulness of Times” - Gerald Lund

“A Choice Seer” - Neal A. Maxwell 

“A New Prophet and a New Scripture: The Coming Forth of the Book of Mormon”

“I Have a Question" - Joseph Fielding Smith

“Joseph Smith among the Prophets" - Robert L. Millet

“Joseph Smith: Prophet to Our Generation” - Ezra Taft Benson

“Joseph Smith’s Home Environment”

“Joseph Smith’s Reputation”

“Joseph Smith’s Susquehanna Years"

“Joseph Smith’s Testimony of the First Vision”

“Moroni’s Message to Joseph Smith”

“Parallel Prophets: Paul and Joseph Smith”

“Praise to the Man,” Gordon B. Hinckley

“Prophecies in the Bible about Joseph Smith”

“The Knight Family: Ever Faithful to the Prophet"

“This Generation Shall Have My Word through You" - Bruce R. McConkie”

“Thus Saith the Lord” - Mary Ellen Edmunds  (missionary experiences)

“What Hath God Wrought through His Servant Joseph!”

New Era Articles

“A Mother’s Testimony" - Lucy Mack Smith

"Brigham and Joseph"

“Christmas with Joseph Smith”

“H.O.G.M.E.T.—What to Do When They Say It’s Not True" - Brad Wilcox

“Joseph Smith and the Lighter View" - Leonard J. Arrington, Church Historian

“Joseph Smith as a Young Man"

“Joseph Smith—Five Qualities of Leadership”

“Joseph Smith’s Missionary Journal”

“Joseph’s Red Brick Store”

Special Issue on Joseph Smith

“Stick-Pulling: Newly Revived Game of the 1840s”

“The Knights and the Trial of Joseph Smith”

“The Personality of the Prophet”

"What Did Joseph Smith Really Look Like?"

General Conference Talks

"Before I Build a Wall"  -  Loren C. Dunn,  April 1991 General Conference

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Joseph Smith Quote

Joseph Smith Quote