The Lord's Job

Man Praying

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Paul L. Dunbar

The Lord one day had a job for me,
But I had so much to do;
So I said, "Please Lord, get somebody else,
Or wait till I get through."

I don't know how the Lord came out,
But he seemed to get along;
But I felt a kind of sneaking like,
And knew I'd done him wrong.

One day I needed the Lord myself,
Needed him right away;
But he never answered me at all-
But yet I could hear him say,

Away down in my accusing heart,
"I've got so much to do-
You get somebody else this time,
or wait till I get through."

Now, when the Lord has a job for me,
I never try to shirk;
I drop whatever I have on hand,
And do the good Lord's work.

And my affairs can run along,
Or wait till I get through.
For nobody else can do the job
that the Lord marked out for you...