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Adversity - Elder Harold G. Hillam

"In speaking of adversity, could I just tell you now that it is one of those things that is going to happen in your life and in my life.

We are all going to pass through adversity.  It is a requirement.

...Now, when the trials come, what should we do?  First of all, we must resist murmuring.  We must not criticize or rise up against our Heavenly Father.

...We should be on our knees constantly so that we can receive from our Heavenly Father the assurance that this is part of our trial.

Then we should seek to recognize our need to be tutored.  We do not know what Heavenly Father has in store for us.

...I pray, brothers and sisters, that when the adversities come--and, as I have mentioned, they will come--we might respond to our Father in Heaven, saying,  'I am not sure why I am having this adversity at this time or at this intensity.  I know I will have something to learn.  Help me to endure.  Just help me to endure this trial that I have.'  Then maybe, like the Savior, we will say:  'Not my will, but thine.'

I pray, brothers and sisters, that we might always be able to remember:  It is 'for thy good...Art thou greater than he?'

...We will have opportunities to be called upon to suffer.

There will be times when we will have feelings of hurt and pain--physical and mental as well as spiritual--and then we will know what adversity is, and we will know a little better what Jesus Christ might have suffered, and we will have done in similitude that which Jesus Christ did.

I pray that the Lord's blessings will be with us as we are proven, as we are tried, as we go into that crucible of adversity, that we will know there is always going to be the brighter day..."

Excerpts from a  BYU Dev. Address given by  Elder Harold G. Hillam, on 25 June 1996 "Strength in Adversity