Heber J. Grant Story on Prayer

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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Story told by Joseph Anderson

When Heber J. Grant was an Apostle, he was asked by the President of the Church to collect funds to help save a major bank in Salt Lake from failing.  Some people questioned the wisdom of the Church being involved, but Elder Grant went ahead as he had been directed.

When he visited Provo, he visited Jesse Knight and asked him for $5,000.  He knew that Jesse Knight was a man of means and felt that he could do it.  Jesse said, "No, I don't think that an Apostle of the Lord ought to be going out gathering funds for that purpose.  I don't think that that's a worthy cause to go out and make collections for."

In spite of his conviction that saving the bank was not a worthy endeavor, Brother Knight was dedicated to the Lord and finally said, "I'll tell you what I will do.  I will go home tonight, and I will pray to the Lord about that.  And if I get the inspiration to give you that $5,000, I'll do it."

Brother Grant told him that he may as well give him the check now. "I am sure if you pray about it I'll get it," he said.

Two or three days later Brother Grant received a check from Brother Knight for $10,000.  When they next met, Brother Grant asked Jesse what had happened, and received this answer: "I'll tell you this, Brother Grant.  When you come to me again with a mission from the President of the Church to raise funds, I'm going to pay without any question.  You're much more liberal than the Lord is. 

I went home as I promised to do, and I told the Lord that Heber was asking me for this contribution and I wanted to know how he felt about it.  I got down on my knees, and it just kept going through my mind like a tune:  'Give Heber $10,000.'  And I got into bed and that tune kept going through my mind:  'Give Heber $10,000.  Give Heber $10,000.'  I got down on my knees again and said, 'Lord, Heber didn't ask me for $10,000.  He only asked for $5,000.'  The tune kept going through my mind.  'Give Heber $10,000.  Give Heber $10,000.'

And so, in order to satisfy the situation and have peace of mind, I told the Lord,  'Alright, I'll give him $10,000.'" 
(Story told by Joseph Anderson, BYU Speeches, 29 July 1969, p. 6-7—Prophets of the Living God)