David B. Haight Baptism Experience

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Elder David B. Haight

My first brush with the priesthood was when I was baptized. I was baptized in an irrigation canal in the little town of Oakley, Idaho. I was with my friends on the bank of that irrigation canal. We had on our bib swimming suits, which consisted of bib overalls with the legs cut out so you wouldn't sink and holes cut in the pockets. We had never seen a swimming suit made out of knit or of other fabric.

My father came out from the First Ward meetinghouse with his counselors. He was carrying a chair, and he put the chair on the side of the irrigation ditch. My father said, "David, come on over here; we're going to baptize you."

I dove in the canal and swam over to the other side, shivering. It was in September and a little cold, and young boys get the shivers, you know, when you have only bib overalls on. My father got down into the canal. As I remember, he didn't take his shoes off or change anything but was just in his regular clothes. He showed me how to hold my hands, and then he baptized me.

After I came up out of the water, we both crawled up on the bank of the canal. I sat in the chair, and they put their hands on my head and confirmed me a member of the Church. After that I dove in the canal and went over on the other side and joined my friends.

This was my first experience, really, with the priesthood.

Elder David B. Haight shares his baptismal experience - April 2003 General Conference "Growing into the Priesthood"