Gullible Saints

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Harold B. Lee

"For instance, there is one vicious story to the effect that one of our General Authorities is allegedly being urged to present himself to lead the Church contrary to the Lord's revelation and to make people think there is some division among the authorities of the Church.  Investigations have indicated that the named writer of these forged letters is fictitious and does not exist--can't be found in the records of the Church or anywhere.  Addresses given are spurious, and yet the amazing thing is that we find that these spurious writings and some of these purported revelations, which we found upon investigation are absolutely false, are finding their way into our Relief Society meetings, into priesthood quorums, firesides, institutes, and seminaries.

"Brethren of the priesthood, you defenders of the faith, we would wish that you would plead with our Saints to cease promoting the works of the devil.  Spend your time promoting the works of the Lord, and don't allow these things to be found under your charge, for they are the works of Satan, and we are playing his game whenever we permit such things to be heralded about and repeated and passed about on every side.

"One of our brethren is supposed to have had a patriarchal blessing saying that he would preside over the Church when the Savior came.  This is, of course, false.  Another one among us has been said to have declared that there are some living today who will see the Savior when he comes.  This is again fictitious.  Well, the Master said that the time of his coming would be as a thief in the night, that of the time of his coming not even the angels of heaven would know.  If we would stop to think of it, nobody with any authority would ever say that such a declaration could be authentic.

"So we could go on and on.  One of our brethren was reported to have said that the people of California should move up to the tops of the Rocky Mountains, that only there would be safety.  Contrary to that, we are constantly saying to our people that safety is where the pure in heart are, and that there is just as much safety wherever you are, if you are living and keeping the commandments of God.

"Brethren, I repeat, don't allow the works of the devil to be paraded in our midst and become the subject of discourses or lesson materials.  Speak of the works of righteousness and the power of the devil will begin to cease among you."

"To the Defenders of the Faith" - April 1970 Conf. Report, pp. 54-57. (Reprinted in Gerald Lund's book:  The Coming of the Lord, p. 11)