Gospel Perspective Analogy

gospel perspective

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Carlos E. Asay

The four questions related to the great plan of salvation constitute a gospel perspective. This perspective related to purpose, plan, people and power is understood more clearly by drawing the following analogy:

l. God's purpose may be likened to a desired destination—a place or state of being that we all want to reach.

2. God's plan may be likened to a road map—a map which, if followed, will lead us up the strait and narrow way to our desired destination.

3. God's people or church may be likened to a vehicle or a means of transportation used in carrying the Saints along the proper course to the desired destination.

4. God's power or priesthood may be likened to the petrol or gasoline used to propel the people and the Church forward along the approved route leading to the ultimate destination, even eternal life.

Perhaps the analogy drawn is an oversimplification of something very sacred and wonderful. But if these truths are not clearly understood, few members and missionaries will have the desire to share the message of the restored gospel and kingdom of God established on the earth.

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