An Ancient Fable

do good

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Author Unknown

An ancient fable tells of a certain farmer who had three friends.  Two of these friends he held in high esteem and associated with constantly.  The third, although of genuine character, was neglected by the farmer.

Accused wrongfully before the law, the farmer was summoned to court.  He needed a character witness and went first to his preferred friends.  The first of these gave many reasons why he could not present himself at court.

The second friend was willing to accompany him, but could go no further than the door.

The third, whom he had least esteemed, not only did accompany the farmer, but so ably defended him before the judge that he was acquitted.

According to this fable, each individual during his lifetime makes three friends.  These are his worldly possessions, his family and neighbors, and his good works.

When he leaves this life and faces the Great Judge, his first friend, worldly possessions, must be left behind.

The second friend, his family and neighbors, can accompany him only to death's door.

His third friend, however, the one he is inclined to neglect--his good works--is the only one who can go with him and help him plead his cause.

A true disciple of the Savior is a performer of good works.  He knows that by his works he will be judged.  He not only receives Christ's words, but puts them into action and writes them upon the table of his heart.