Bear Essentials for Life


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Author Unknown

Be quiet and understanding
Stay soft and warm
Be there to absorb the tears
Make life more bearable

Be charming and irresistible
Take opportunities to paws and reflect
Provide a sympathetic ear
Muzzle your temper

Stroll barefoot in the park
Console and comfort others
Always be ready to play
Be available to cushion the hard lumps in life

Provide unconditional love
Never miss an opportunity to hug
Love the simple things in life
Provide a loving atmosphere in your home

Never betray a confidence
Curl up with children for a bedtime story
Be gentle
Avoid garage sales ( You might get sold!)

When thing get grizzly, grin and bear it
Be everyone's best friend
Be unbearably cute and cuddly
Take every opportunity for a nap

Invite all your friends to a picnic
Be humble and polite
Take a honey break daily
Bear in mind that silence is often the best answer

Provide warm fuzzies for all
Fill an empty spot in someone's heart
Don't be overbearing
Cheer up a lonely person

Remember, love bears all things
Always be faithful and true