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Church of Jesus Christ - Topic Page on Doubt

Church of Jesus Christ - All General Conference Talks on Doubting

Church of Jesus Christ - Scriptures on Doubt

Church of Jesus Christ - Doubt, Doubtful in the Topical Guide

Church of Jesus Christ - Magazine Articles on Doubt

Church of Jesus Christ - Videos on Doubt

Church of Jesus Christ - Images on Doubt

Church of Jesus Christ - Music that talks about Doubt

Church of Jesus Christ - Doubt in the Church News

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Church of Jesus Christ - All Search Results on Doubt

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General Resources

Can I Really Know?" - Experience by Boyd K. Packer on testimony (comparing to explaining salt)

Choose the Light (excerpt from Gen. Conf. - Excellent)

"Doubt Not, But Be Believing..." - Boyd K. Packer

Loren C. Dunn excerpt from Gen. Conf.

Overcoming Feelings of Self-Doubt

Spiritual Eclipse (Analogy by Gary L. Stevenson)

Spiritual Things Cannot be Forced - Boyd K. Packer

General Conference

"Choose to Believe" - L. Whitney Clayson" - April 2015

"Come, Join with Us" - Dieter F. Uchtdorf - Oct. 2013

"Faith--The First Step" - Howard W. Hunter

"God Is at the Helm" - M. Russell Ballard - Oct. 2015

"It Works Wonderfully" - Dieter F. Uchtdorf - Oct. 2015

"Joseph Smith" - Neil L. Andersen - Oct. 2014

"Lord, I Believe" - Jeffrey R. Holland - April 2013

"Receiving a Testimony of Light and Truth" - Dieter F. Uchtdorf - Oct. 2014

"Returning to Faith" - Rosemary M. Wixom - April 2015

"Stay by the Tree" - April 2015

"Stay in the Boat and Hold On!" - M. Russell Ballard - Oct. 2014

"The Lord Leads His Church" - Henry B. Eyring

"You Know Enough" - Neil L. Andersen


Quotes about having Questions and Doubts

BYU Speeches

"Become a Seeker: The Way, the Truth, and the Life" - July 2016

"Do We Really Believe?" - May 26, 2016

"Guided Safely Home" - Feb. 2, 2016

"Never Give Up on Your Testimony of the Gospel" - June 2015

"Stand Forever" - Elder Lawrence E. Corbridge

"Will You Engage in the Wrestle?" - Sheri Dew - May 2016 BYU-I


"Becoming Converted" - D. Todd Christofferson

"Finding My Way Back to the Church"

"Gaining and Keeping a Testimony"

"How can I overcome doubt with faith?"

"What to do when You have Questions"

Video: "How do I Gain a Testimony?" - Henry B. Eyring

Video: "The Voice of the Spirit? - Boyd K. Packer



"Get a Grip"

"Got Oil?"

"How Firm is Your Foundation?"

"Living Water"


"Put it On"

"Ready or Not"

"Without a Doubt"

Additional Articles

"If You Really Want to Know, You Will Know" - Liahona

"When Doubts and Questions Arise" - March 2015 Ensign

"Why I Left the Church is also why I'm Going Back" (LDS Living)

Articles in LDS Living Magazine

Books and CDs

"Doubt Not, but be Believing" - helping loved ones who are dealing with doubts about the Church

"Doubt Your Doubts"

"Faith is Not Blind" (2018) - Bruce & Marie Hafen (4 CDs)

"Forward, Pressing Forward" - John Bytheway (very good)

"Holding Fast: Dealing with Doubts in the Latter Days" - Robert L. Millet

"How Do I Know if I Know?"  by John Bytheway   

"The Crucible of Doubt"

"Worth the Wrestle" - Sheri Dew (2 CDs) - very good!

Pic and Quotes

Holland Hold Fast

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Doubt Quote

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