Quotes about Doubts


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Doubt Your Doubts before You Doubt your Faith

"Feed your faith and your doubts will starve to death."

Russell M. Nelson: I read a letter from a troubled friend who is wrestling with a profound personal problem. I would like to quote excerpts from that letter:

The guilt and failure I feel make it almost impossible for me to repent. I am losing my faith. The sins were first; the doubts followed. The order is important because sin needed doubt. When I doubted my faith, sins lost their meaning and guilt its bite. Doubting began, then, as a means of anesthesia. It served to diminish the guilt that was literally tearing me apart. Before long, however, the doubts thrived independent of the needs that conceived them.

My painful indecisiveness, my tentativeness, my lack of direction, my paralysis of volition, my poverty of confidence, have caused suffering and depression. My family, my future, and my faith are at stake. I am losing hope.

"A More Excellent Hope" - BYU Devotional by Russell M. Nelson

"When you have that Spirit, you are happy; when you have another spirit, you are not happy.  The spirit of doubt is the spirit of the evil one; it produces uneasiness and other feelings that interfere with happiness and peace."

George Q. Cannon  -  JD 15:375