One is a Very Important Crowd

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Aline Olson

I am Grandma Olson—look very hard at me—now tell me in a hurry, how many people do you see?

Only one? Let's think a bit and I will tell you true. How many people I can see when I look at you!!!

First, you're a very handsome boy which makes you your parent's son. So now we know of a surety that at least you're one!

But you are Lisa's brother—son and brother makes you two, and since mother's brother is "Uncle Leon" that makes you three - his nephew!!

Still, to Uncle Leon's children you are cousin—I declare!! That makes four people with me in my rocking chair.

And Grandpa's always bragging that you're his grandson. And sakes alive! That makes you five—and you thought you were one.

But to Grandpa Olson's mother you are great as well as grand - so we'll have to count that one on your other hand.

Son, grandson, great grandson, brother, nephew, cousin—now instead of being one you're being half a dozen.

When you grow up and fall in love you'll be a husband (seven)—with a wonderful wife and happy life, that will be your earthly heaven.

Then you'll become a son-in-law to the parents of your wife—and a brother-in-law to her siblings, which makes you nine—and that's just fine.

Then you'll have a child of your own and that will make you ten—because, of course, you'll be the one who's the proud father then.

And Lisa will have children - and their uncle you will be, and that will make you eleven—my goodness gracious me!

And your children will grow up and marry, then you'll be a baker's dozen. Father-in-law and grandfather—(and we won't even count second cousin).

From then on you'll come sliding in with accolades in hand, your children's children will have sons (children) —you'll be father great—and—grand. . .

So you see my wonderful little one—you're a very important crowd, and you'd better decide while you are young - what will or will not be allowed—

For there's one thing you can count on - all the good and bad that is done, will in the future affect your whole crowd—for no one is just one. But let's just sit and rest a spell and I will hold you tightly, and be glad that you're still few enough that I can kiss you nightly.