Chastity Comebacks

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Karen Hunsaker

Here are some comebacks when someone tries to use you:

When they say, "Just this once" you say, "My body is a temple, not a visitor's center, and you don't have a recommend."

When they say: "Come on",  you say, "Okay, if we pray about it and Heavenly Father says it is ok."  OR  "Okay, here's a quarter, go call my Dad.  If he says it's okay, you're on."

When they say,  "Prove your love for me"',  you say,  "Prove your respect for me."

When they say, "No one will ever know"  you say "Yes, you, me, God & Jesus will"

When they say, "Everyone else is doing it"  you say  "I'm not just anyone"

When they say, "If you loved me you'd do it"  you say,  "If you loved me, you wouldn't ask"

And an out I always gave my children is:  I will never allow you to do anything you don't want to do or are uncomfortable with, therefore, if anyone ever asks you to do any of those things, you can say, "I can't, my mother won't let me".

--Karen Hunsaker 

Remember, if someone truly loved you, he/she would never do anything that would cause you future hurt, embarrassment, regret, guilt, unhappiness, loss of blessings and reputation, pain. 
If they try, they are being selfish and it is LUST, not LOVE!