Dare to Climb the Mountain

climbing a mountain

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Author Unknown

Many people view the mountain,
But few ever want to climb.
For when you scale the mountain
you must leave the crowd behind.

There's a mountain that God offers
Those who climb it must be true,
Its peak's called full-time service
and it beckons me and you.

Will you dare to climb the mountain
though at times you'll feel alone?
Will you be a missionary,
leave the comfort of your home?

Now the way—it won't be easy—
many folks won't understand.
But there'll be applause in heaven
and the Lord will hold your hand.

You won't hear loud cheers and trumpets
When you tell folks of your plans.
They'll say "Why climb the mountain?"
"Why not play in the sand?"

But the voice still rings from heaven,
"Give me men to match my mountains High"
Men who won't give up—
who'll reach the top or die.

As you journey up the mountain,
you'll feel the cold winds blow,
And at times you'll get discouraged
and your steps began to slow.

If you will just keep on the trail,
and refuse to turn around,
you can stand atop the mountain,
No better place is found.

When you stand there at the summit
with the world all far below,
You'll see the sights reserved for climbers
and your heart will seem to glow.

The guide that led you to the top
will be there at setting sun
and whisper at the end of the climb,
"Let's go home and rest, well done."