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Meet Today's Prophets and Apostles (biographies)

General Authorities and General Officers of the Church

Budget Program started in 1990 - Boyd K. Packer address in Gen. Conf.

The Living Christ: The Testimony of the Apostles, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

All Are Invited to Come Unto Christ

Find a Nearby Church

Worship with Us

Belong to a Caring Community


What We Believe

How Does the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Use Tithing

"Are Mormons Christians?" 
(talks/articles that deal with this question by non-members) Are Mormons Christian? Are Mormons Christian (the Newsroom Blog) Traditional Christianity and the Latter-day Saints - Robert L. Millet (the Newsroom Blog)

Mormon Channel Video: Are Mormons Christians? Gary J. Coleman

"Are Mormons Christians?" - Stephen E. Robinson - New Era "Becoming Like God" (how Christians differ in beliefs)

"Building Bridges of Understanding" - M. Russell Ballard 

"The Peaceable Followers of Christ" - Boyd K. Packer - CES Fireside

"What We Believe"  -  BYU Dev.  -  Robert L. Millet 

"A Disciple, a Friend" - Bishop Richard C. Edgley - Gen. Conf.

"Have You Been Born Again?"  -  Brent L. Top  -  Meridian Magazine article

Articles Referencing the Nicene Creed

"A Basis for Faith in the Living God" - N. Eldon Tanner - Gen. Conf.

"Apostasy and Restoration" - Dallin H. Oaks - Gen. Conf.

"Christianity and the Hope of the Future" - BYU Devotional

"Comparing LDS Beliefs with First-Century Christianity"

"Mom, Are We Christians?" - Elder Gary J. Coleman

"The Only True God and Jesus Christ Whom He Hath Sent" - Jeffrey R. Holland - Gen. Conf.

"The Stone Cut Out of the Mountain" - Gordon B. Hinckley - Gen. Conf.

"The Things of Which I Know" - Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley - Gen. Conf.

"What Are People Asking about Us?" - Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley - Gen. Conf.

General Resources Newsroom: What Mormons Believe About Jesus Christ

A Special Type of Soldier - Hugh B. Brown experience in 1944

Education for Eternity - President Spencer W. Kimball

From Greek Orthodox to Mormon

Love One Another - The Genius of the Gospel - Neal A. Maxwell

"No Magic in Programs" -  excerpt from Gen. Conf. - Hartman Rector, Jr.

The Nickname "Mormon" is Not Bad - Pres. Hinckley

"Preparing for Eternity" - Neal Maxwell (excerpt on patience, tolerance, long-suffering)

"The 14th Article of Faith" (humorous)

"The Lonely Ember"  (Reactivation)



Quotes about Doctrine

Quotes about Living the Gospel

Quotes about the Gospel

General Conference

Behold! I Am a God of Miracles - Ronald A. Rasband - April 2021

Essential Conversations - Joy D. Jones - April 2021

Establishing A Christ-Centered Home - Richard J. Maynes - April 2021

Let God Prevail - Russell M. Nelson - October 2020

Pure Religion -  Marvin J. Ashton - October 1982

Seek the blessings of the Church - James M. Paramore - April 1988

The Lord Leads His Church - Henry B. Eyring - October 2017

The Only True and Living Church -  Boyd K. Packer - December 1971

Ye Shall Be Free - Thierry K. Mutombo - April 2021

You Can Gather Israel! - Ahmad S. Corbitt - April 2021

BYU Speeches

"Asking Righteous Questions" - Sheri Dew - BYU-Idaho - May 17, 2016 (for those struggling with testimonies)

"On Being Teachable" -  Kate L. Kirkham

"The Unwritten Order of Things" - Boyd K. Packer

Videos / Images

Videos about the Church


Lessons in Church Manuals

Lessons about the Church

Additional Articles

Church Magazine articles about the Church

"More Than Just a Sunday Church" - Ensign

"Rediscovering a Wonder of the World...and Avoiding the Dangers of Spiritual Apathy" - Ensign

The World Needs Builders, President Uchtdorf Tells Los Angeles World Affairs Council

Mormonads / New Era Posters

"Peace on Earth Comes from Heaven"

"The Sacred Grove"

"Which Side are You On?

Family Home Evening Lessons FHE Resource Book FHE Charts and Ideas FHE Resources/Music/Videos/Gospel Art FHE Purposes/Resources

FHE Lessons (

FHE Lesson: "Are Mormons Christian?" (

Library Books

"Are Mormons Christians?" by Stephen E. Robinson

"Forward, Pressing Forward" - John Bytheway (very good)

"10 Reasons Why Joseph Smith Is a Prophet" (1 CD (good)

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