Choose The Right

Choose The Right

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So we all know everything that they talk about at those Standards firesides! The whole Strength of Youth pamphlet backwards and frontwards! We know what we should and shouldn't do and live righteously. Cool!

But wait, Oh no! There's more!

So you and Betty (or Bob) are going out now! How sweet! You've become a well known couple at Church and school. Every time we look, you're together! You and Betty (Bob) must be really good together. And both of you live the gospel, and share the same standards.

So what happened? Why are you all of a sudden having to repent? I thought you knew to Choose the Right. Oh you did? I thought it was ok for you to spend every hour together. Oh it was?

I guess you were wrong.

When push comes to shove in a on-going relationship, no matter what you know, the standards you share. . .member or none, THINGS HAPPEN! What's the point of this? Don't get attached to ONE person! Date in groups, or date several people! Don't pick one Mr. or Mrs. Right! It's risky! Really! Because the pain it can cause your Family and Bishop are lots!

I know most of us have heard all these rules so many times. What to do and how to do it and what's right and what's wrong! The rules are for EVERYONE! (Even if you're engaged!) It's so important! Time apart is the most wonderful thing for a relationship!

Author unknown