Worshipping the Golden Calf

Golden Calf

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By Spencer J. Condie

"How could they forget so fast?" my children asked as we read our way through Exodus.

"The plagues that God sent to deliver them from Pharoah's slavery, and the parting of the Red Sea. The discovery of Living water to quency parched throats! Didn't the daily supply of manna convince them of God's love for them? Hadn't the cloud by day and the fiery pillar by night taught them that he lives and that he cares for them?

"The children of Israel were spiritually immature," I confidently replied. "They didn't have burning testimonies of the gospel or testimonies of Moses' holy mission. Thank goodness, children, we're not like that today...."

And then I thought...

...About the time one of my children had been miraculously healed. I knelt to thank God, then returned to my building project, hit my thumb and swore a blue streak.

...about our financial security and physical well-being. Like manna in the wilderness. Then the Bishop asked $500 for the building fund and I assured him that new car payments would prevent participation at this time.

...a four bedroom home for four children isn't adequate. And you can't really have a good party in a living room this size. It would be nice to have some horses for the kids. And so we built the house complete with pool and thanked the Lord that we could build a bigger place.

...of course, the bigger house payments meant my wife had to work, and with my extra moonlighting and all—-How could the Bishop expect us to work in the church?

No children, with our 400 horsepower commitment and our split-level devotion, we can be thankful that we'd never worship a golden calf.