A Bargain sale

Good Cheer

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S. E. Kiser

 I'm offering for sale today 
 A lot of things I'll need no more; 
 Come, please, and take them all away, 
 I've piled them up outside my door. 

 I'll make the prices low enough, 
 And trust you, if it's trust you need; 
 Here I have listed all my stuff, 
 Make your selection as you read: 

 A lot of prejudices which 
 Have ceased to be of use to me; 
 A stock of envy of the rich, 
 Some slightly shopworn jealousy; 

 A large supply of gloom that I 
 Must not permit to clog my shelves; 
 I offer bargains-who will buy? 
 Name prices that will suit yourselves. 

 A lot of wishes I've outgrown, 
 A stock of silly old beliefs; 
 Some pride I once was proud to own, 
 A bulky line of dreads and griefs; 

 An old assortment of ill will, 
 A job lot of bad faith and doubt, 
 Harsh words that have their poison still; 
 Choose as you please-I'm closing out. 

 I need more room for kindliness, 
 For hope and courage and good cheer, 
 Take all the hatred I possess, 
 The superstitions and the fear; 

 A large supply of frailties I 
 Shall have no use for from today; 
 I offer bargains; who will buy 
 The rubbish must be cleared away!