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Church of Jesus Christ - Scriptures on Aging

Church of Jesus Christ - Old Age in the Topical Guide

Church of Jesus Christ - Magazine Articles on Aging

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General Resources

"A Classic Example"

"A Prayer for those growing old"  

Enjoying the Later Years - Church of Jesus Christ

Family History Makes You Smarter!

"How to Stay Young"

"Make a little progress every day of your life"

"Memories of Home"                    


"The Most Beautiful Hands in the World"

"The Wooden Bowl" (excellent)

"When We're Alone, We Can Dance"

Jokes And Humor

"Aging is a Matter of Perspective"

"Count Your Wrinkles" - humorous song

"Getting Older"

Grain - Ezra Taft Benson - short anecdote from Conf. talk

How to Tell You are Growing Old 


Jokes 2

"Old Folks are Worth a Fortune"

Who's Counting?

"You Know You Are Getting Older..." - Dear Abby column

You know you have reached middle age when... 

General Conference Talks

"Appreciating the Counsel of Those Who are Bowed in Years"

"Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother" - Paul H. Dunn 

"To the Elderly in the Church" - Ezra Taft Benson (read by Thomas S. Monson)


A Little Mixed Up  (humorous)

"I'm Fine" (humorous)

"If I Were Cupid"  (humorous)

When I'm a Little Old Lady  (humorous)


Quotes  (Humorous one-liners)


Quotes for Adult CareGivers

Talks And Articles

"Grandpa Pal, Grandma Beth: How They Handle Aging" - Ensign

"Making Room for Grandpa" - Ensign

"Never too old to learn" - Church News

"Understanding Memory Loss" (

"Want to Age Well? (PBS special)

"What's so good about today?" - Ensign

Lessons in Church Manuals

"The Elderly in the Church" Chapter 16 - Teachings of Presidents of the Church: President Ezra Taft Benson

Mormon Ads

"Get yourself into a tight squeeze"

Library Books

"What's Worth Knowing" - by Wendy Lustbader, 2001 (Fast read,  short interviews with older people sharing their wisdom).

"Necessary Conversations: Between adult children and their aging parents" by Gerald W. Kaufman


Pics and Quotes

burger king moon

aging start conversation

Parents Need Children

aging quote

aging quote

aging quote

aging quote

aging quote

aging quote

Aging Funny Grandma Noodles

Aging Quote

Aging Quote

Aging Quote

aging quote

aging quote

aging quote

aging quote

aging quote

aging quote

aging quote