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Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Top Resources (each leads to many more resources)

Book of Mormon Central

Church Podcasts

Stories of the Restoration

Audio Series

Don't Miss This

Seagull Book

Follow Him

Book of Mormon Central

Scripture Central YouTube Channel

Scripture Central Come Follow Me Insights Playlist

Scripture Central Come Follow Me Old Testament Daily Short Videos Playlist

Seeking Jesus Course

Scripture Central is a Youtube channel that explains different things throughout the scriptures, as well as walking you through and helping you better understand Come Follow Me lessons.

Stories of the Restoration

Stories of the Restoration Youtube Channel

Beyond Come Follow Me

Beyond Come Follow Me for Youth

Church History Stories

Stories of the Restoration is a Youtube channel run by Tom Pettit, it focuses on stories from the history of the church, and also elaborates on Come Follow Me lessons.

Don't Miss This

Don't Miss This Youtube Channel

Old Testament Come Follow Me Videos

New Testament Come Follow Me Videos

Doctrine and Covenants Come Follow Me Videos

Book of Mormon Come Follow Me Videos

Don't Miss This is a Youtube channel that has weekly videos, newsletters, and study guides that follow the Come Follow Me curriculum study schedule.

Real Talk

Real Talk Old Testament

Real Talk Doctrine and Covenants

Real Talk Book of Mormon

Real Talk is a podcast run by Ganel-Lyn Condie and John fossum, they discuss gospel topics and come follow me.

Follow Him

Follow Him Youtube Channel

Follow Him Favorites

Old Testament

Join hosts Hank Smith and John Bytheway as they interview experts to make your study for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ Come, Follow Me course not only enjoyable but original and educational.