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General Resources

Work and Self-Reliance

Earning Your Daily Bread

Helping Marriage Survive Unemployment: Seven Principles (Ensign)

Surviving Unemployment

Surviving Unemployment (Ensign)

Job Hunting According to Nephi (Ensign)

Happiness in Family Life

The Career Workshop

Job Search Tips

General Conference Talks

Employment Challenges in the 1980s - J. Thomas Fyans - April 1982

Her Children Arise Up and Call Her Blessed - Barbara B. Smith - April 1982

If Ye Are Prepared Ye Shall Not Fear - L. Tom Perry - October 1995

Prepare for Honorable Employment - Howard W. Hunter - October 1975

Providing in the Lord's Way - Dieter F. Uchtdorf - October 2011

Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel - Neal A. Maxwell - April 1998

This Is Your Phone Call - Richard C. Edgley - April 2009

The Blessing of Work - H. David Burton - December 2009

The Joy of Honest Labor - L. Tom Perry - October 1986

To the Rescue - Thomas S. Monson - April 2001

BYU Speeches

Adding Stars to Your Life's Sky - Michael Middleton - May 26, 2015

Enduring and Trusting to the End - Estela Marquez - September 22, 2020

Motivations - Sterling W. Sill - September 24, 1978

The Blessing of Work - David E. Sorensen - March 6, 2005

Tomorrow Is Today - Craig C. Christensen - August 11, 2011

What Is Your Calling in Life? - Jeffery A. Thompson - June 1, 2010


Fast Offerings - The Jerry Foote Family

A New Light About Him

Johnny's Story


Have I Done Any Good? #223

I Have Work Enough to Do #224

Ye Who Are Called to Labor (Men) #321

Pics and Quotes